Thursday, 31 January 2008

a new old song

hey hey we have new music! remember when i said we were re-visting a song from the past? well heres a clip of the instrumental, mark is working on the brass parts as we speak.. and paul and i have changed the verses completely, u will hear it shortly! Its light-hearted n tongue-in-cheek and in complete contrast to the oh-so-sad 'nightbus' (see the rehearsal clip a few days ago)
And.. thanks all who came to the water rats on tues, nice to see new myspacers there..
love luv lv x
[URL=]walk blog clip.mp3 - 1.27MB[/URL]

Thursday, 24 January 2008

trying out a new song..

Evening! Just a clip of us trying out one of the new songs that emerged from our recent writing session...its slow, it feels a bit 50s, its gonna have gorgeous strings in the Henry Mancini style and its called 'Nightbus'

Wednesday, 23 January 2008

growing pains

Sorry but this isnt really about music.. but am just noodling away after having turned on the tv whilst putting away a month's load of washing..
Newsnight was on and i found myself tuning into a discussion on climate change and economc 'growth'. Cos for ages I have considered the word 'growth' as a bit of dirty word.. like when the news reports that "consumer spending is up" its like encouraging a foul disease in my high n mighty opinion. But AT LAST HALELLUJIA (how do you spell that?) the big guys are talking about the need to slow growth in the traditional sense to tackle our planet's problems, and instead find a new SUSTAINABLE type of growth which does not necessarily use more energy and resources, just more labour.
Obvious init? Back to the good old days?


Friday, 11 January 2008

Hello friends

..and a Happy New Year to you too! Yes i know its already the 11th Jan and all that festive stuff is sooo over - dont know about you but it seemed just a mere blip this time with everyone ready to go again by about jan 3rd, albeit slightly tired and wan-looking after the communal illness we have all shared.. eugh! So after the few days of indulgences and a brief trip to the mountains for some fresh air we are back in full attack!
It is very nice to be having two writing weeks - both this week and next.. all three of us and also The Manager are working in our separate places emailing stuff back and forth, playing stuff down the phone at midnight, discussing beats, tempos, key-changes and finding bits and pieces preciously discarded from our Mummers archive that now somehow seem right! We think that we have moved on with our style since 'Somebody Said' and we are EXCITED..
Also as an experiment we are re-working an old song from the past which never got a proper release but seems to suit what we are doing at the moment.. will keep you posted on that one.
So, looking forward to this year which feels like a year if change (those ones always start by pretending everything is as normal)with everyone becoming more aware of the world around them dont you think? Or am i just hallucinating from the after-effects of norovirus?
Anyway Heres To You me dears..