Tuesday, 19 February 2008

*new plan*

ok so sorry y'all for not writing more regular like.. we got deadlines! Its been manic in the studio as we have 3 new tunes to finish by next week including recording all the live instruments - brass, strings, harmoniums, pianos and saxes. This is because we have a new plan now for Wonderland as a single not an ep, closely followed by... ALBUM! And there is more to this plan but i'm not allowed to tell u yet but its good good good! And at last we can get our sound out there and send it ringing into the ether..yo yeah yes yeeees!

Sunday, 10 February 2008

heal me sun

amazing gorgeous day today and so warm! I've been stuffing myself with vitamins and anti-cold medecine to try and get rid of this streaming cold so decided sun was the next best thing and took myself and the boys to Brockwell Park in Herne Hill. this is THE BEST park in London I swear, you always bump into somebody, the crowd is so mixed and chilled, and you can sit outside the caf at the top of the hill on a bench and look across London in 360 degrees. Its quite something especially when youre soaking up the rays whilst eating the most delicious (and CHEAP) home-cooked food.. i believe the chef is quite well-known now. Anyway i think i may be beating this cold now thanks to this miraculous bee nectar called Propolis one of my friends gave me which is good cos i've alot of singing to do in the next few days.
O yes and we'll be doing a little pre-gig gig on tuesday in a pub in Brixton at 3 O'clock just cos we couldnt find anywhere to rehearse, so if you are one of the 6 regular drunks in there u might be in for a surprise..
and finally paul just sent me a vid clip of us backstage(in the corridor with 4 bands coming in and out all trying to store gear whilst we get changed) at Monto when we were just about to go on stage. So i'm posting it up just for my own amusement. Oh the glamour of it all!!

Friday, 8 February 2008

the quiet life

Its a beautiful sunny day and I got up late today for the first time in sooo long and feel great! I've been running on about 5 hours a night recently and yesterday when i got up i had no voice (much to the joy of everyone around me) and after a rehearsal in brighton that ended at midnight last night and a horrible drive through the fog back to London i thought i deserved a little treat! Aah the peace in the morning as the rest of my house left at 9am and i lay there with the sun streaming through the window dreaming and just letting my mind wander.. then waking up again after a dream in which my car got towed away in brixton an i got ANOTHER 3 points on my licence which means i'm banned cos i've already got 9. Well nothing wrong with a good dose of reality i guess..
Anyway rehearsal was quite lovely- its for the unplugged gig at The Slaughtered Lamb on tuesday and its just with 2 violins, cello, rhodespiano and me on vox! And as its just us we rehearsed at Marks tiny but perfectly formed top-floor flat with cups of tea and candles and no loud stuff to contend with and i must say its great to actually hear the parts for once! So i'm very much looking forward to tuesday and trying out The Mummers songs in a very different way..o yes and we're also gonna do the new ones we've just written..
So heres to sleep and sun, quiet music, and life..!