Friday, 8 February 2008

the quiet life

Its a beautiful sunny day and I got up late today for the first time in sooo long and feel great! I've been running on about 5 hours a night recently and yesterday when i got up i had no voice (much to the joy of everyone around me) and after a rehearsal in brighton that ended at midnight last night and a horrible drive through the fog back to London i thought i deserved a little treat! Aah the peace in the morning as the rest of my house left at 9am and i lay there with the sun streaming through the window dreaming and just letting my mind wander.. then waking up again after a dream in which my car got towed away in brixton an i got ANOTHER 3 points on my licence which means i'm banned cos i've already got 9. Well nothing wrong with a good dose of reality i guess..
Anyway rehearsal was quite lovely- its for the unplugged gig at The Slaughtered Lamb on tuesday and its just with 2 violins, cello, rhodespiano and me on vox! And as its just us we rehearsed at Marks tiny but perfectly formed top-floor flat with cups of tea and candles and no loud stuff to contend with and i must say its great to actually hear the parts for once! So i'm very much looking forward to tuesday and trying out The Mummers songs in a very different way..o yes and we're also gonna do the new ones we've just written..
So heres to sleep and sun, quiet music, and life..!

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