Wednesday, 30 April 2008

total disaster

i've been cut off from practically every technical device in my home and havent been online for 3 weeks now which is killing me so if youre wondering why my myspace has been left high and dry now you know. thats what happens when you dont open your post for 3 months! Anyway they have promised me tuesday so hopefully then i'll be back in touch regular again. anyway, despite no computer, tv, a broken 4-track, fridge, washing machine, and disconnected phone, life has been great (no really!)
We have had another writing spurt for the rest of the album now the EP's done and really tying it up to be finished for June 1st. Meanwhile photos have been done (i'll post some up when i'm back online..) and artwork being its all good. Gotta go before i'm kicked off my mum's computer. Speak to you Tuesday!!

Tuesday, 8 April 2008

its in the bag!

..and finally..we have our 6 trax mastered.. and ready to be turned into an EP. We ended up going to lovely Simon Francis at Masterpiece yesterday just to get them all sittin nicely - and yes we have reverted to our EP plan so all 6 songs are equal and some are not more equal than others! Which i think this is the best way it can be. Great to have a finished product cant believe it. Happiness