Friday, 17 August 2007

Gd evening y’all..

Its Friday night and the end of a long hard week (sigh sob sympathy..!) Been in the Brighton studio which is called 12A all hours working on and trying to finish our EP which has now 5 tracks on it. Seems to have a lighter more silvery feel than the album stuff we’ve been working on.. have a listen – this is a clip from the newest one ‘Teardropsfall’ .. it’s a bit messy but we got this amazing flautist called Charlotte Glasson (she sounds like her name!) in for a day and just piled tons of flute everywhere all over.. to be sorted out later! Anyway this song is really just a bundle of knotted threads..made up of glocks, old Kemble piano, rhodes, cymbals, pizz strings and double bass.. and .. flutes!

mp3: 'Teardropsfall clip'

We’re nearly finished so I can reveal the order:

35 Degrees
Let it Roll

More later! Off to pick up the remains of my friday night…..

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