Thursday, 16 August 2007


We started writing it with Mark at the treehouse studio near Brighton nearly 18 months ago where we were inspired by the surroundings (lots of pine tree woods, countryside and sea!) and the atmospheric ram-shackle studio that he had stuffed with old keyboards and percussion. We didn’t really have any pre-conceptions as to how it was going to be but just decided to see what came out.. tho I had bundles of lyrics and bits n bobs of half-written songs from years previously (one of which I spent totally at the piano teaching myself how to ‘write songs’ as opposed to my normal method of closing my eyes, blanking out and singing a load of gook). Mark and Paul just went instrument hopping in their new candy shop and we recorded a load of ‘jams’ which became the foundations of our sound..

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jules said...

Don't worry, it IS interesting!