Saturday, 22 September 2007

in recovery..

Gd evening! First i gotta start by saying thank you to all you who came to Komedia on thursday it was such a great crowd, very warm and smiley considering all the teething troubles we had! Yep it was an INTERESTING evening esp for me cos i was trying out some new things - some which worked, others which didnt, so much learning going on there! But i did feel helped thro.. thanks for the lovely messages.. and esp about my foot as i kind of forgot myself after doing 'This is Heaven' at the end and jumped over the speakers landing on something and twisting it bad! Boy did i feel like an idiot hobbling off to the dressing room yowling in pain calling for "ICE!" Anyway i am now pretty much recovered altho i'm not telling that to everyone else cos its nice having them say "no dont YOU do that", or "I'LL get it" and such like.. Hope you all enjoy the ep, you got it really upfront cos its not coming out for another 3 months! Please let me know, i need feedback cos its all for YOUS u know. Gonna leave you now and o yes i think i may have solved my transport problem and train seat obsession all in one.. tell you about that next time.. all my love, Rx

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