Wednesday, 28 November 2007

'Somebody Said'

Hi again.. well whilst working on 'song x' i wrote this vocal at home on my 4-track (i'm soo up-to-date its unreal) and was really getting into it and thought i'd done a rather fine job till everyone else started making comments like 'can't hear the music' and its a bit 'overpowering' which immediately sent my deflated self-satisfied self slumped back into the sofa. UNTIL... someone had the great idea (i think it was The Manager) of turning that vocal into another song which for the last few days we have been working on in great spirits! (And i hope you can tell we had fun doing it with all that brass marching band stuff..) We deliberately kept away from the strings on this one and used horns for the chords mainly which gives it a lovely rich sound, clarinets and flutes in pairs, bassoon in the intro and break (which is my favourite bit), a sprinkling of guitar and bass, and of course soaring sparkly trumpets. The drums are Paul playing live on our mini-drum set-up at 12A, and Mark's orchestration is fast becoming a Mummers trademark! The lyrics i'd also deliberately tried to make as straightforward as possible which is quite unusual for me, but because the melody was in my head for days before writing the song i knew it had to be simple to make it fit that exact chorus line. So what do you think? One of the others has already put it up on the Myspace profile so enthusiastic is he - though the live instruments haven't been recorded yet - and that is one of our many tasks for next week..

Meanwhile rehearsing up in London tomorrow with the full band - which will be very nice to be playing together again..tell you more about that another time.

love luv x

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