Friday, 7 December 2007


I've been banned from the studio for most of this week as Mark n Paul have been writing out parts and recording live instruments on 'Somebody Said', they can concentrate better without me you see.. so apart from fitting in a rehearsal with me and mark multi-tasking our way through the songs ready for our mini-gigs, i have had a chance to catch up on domestic things like washing and paperwork and bills. As i have left all these for about 6 months (well 3 for the washing) you can imagine what a wondrous mood i've been in especially with all this festive cheer starting up. But its ok becos i'm anti-consumerist so no-one is getting any presents this year, sorry kids! However i have just seen a rather nice dress...
On the bright side we have booked gigs for the new year, and we have a title for our album, and we have just started another new song :) based on a guitar riff this time..
And then theres MySpace - I'm still loyal despite everyone's efforts to seduce me away and drag me into facebook instead. I cant get into that for some reason, i guess i've never been much of a networker. Anyway we've made some supacool friends on MS recently and i'm really enjoying meeting them, so if you happen to be reading this HELLOOO AGAIN! HOWDY! LOVE YA!! MWAH!!XX

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