Saturday, 15 December 2007

'Somebody Said' has come alive

Hooray.. its up on the myspace profile! All live instruments have finally been recorded on 'Somebody Said' and Mark was busy mp3-ing me mixes all day yesterday till finally we were happy with this one. And i hope you will agree with me that it has so much more energy and life than the demo! So let me tell you who the wonderful musicians are: Trumpet - Rob Heasman, French Horn - Ben Simmons, Trombone - Ashley Slater, Cello - Rob lewis, Violin - Jote Osahn. All layered up to the max of course!

Meanwhile i was at home having a 'writing day' on a new song - the instrumental of which i posted up a week or so ago - 'song x' and whilst the melody came quick, the lyrics were proving a bit of a struggle, as the first lyrical kernals i had kept leading me off on weird tangents that ended up with something like The Owl and the Pussycat for some reason!(I love that poem btw so here it is..) So i did the only decent thing in those circumstances and turned off the mic and made myself a nice cup of tea and went for a cold, brisk walk through twinkly Dulwich with all the fairy lights in the trees and i felt very english and rejuvenated wrapped up in a million layers humming abstract ideas to myself in a slightly Lear-ish fashion..

Have to get back on track next week!
Luego x

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