Friday, 28 March 2008

are we done yet?

evening all! back to the mastering today as we had to tweak a few things, but Wonderland and its B-side Teardropsfall is done and dusted, since Mark decided at the eleventh hour to add in a whole lot of orchestration (sounds amazing tho..!) And the rest will be in the bag on Monday! But of course you musn't hold your breath (i can hear gasping and spluttering from you all) because after all this is The Mummers which is synonymous with 'nearly done but not quite lets change sum stuff no sod it lets start again'. So well lets just wait till monday eh?
Anyway heres a pic of me practising in the studio with my toy piano which was going on whilst said orchestration was happening ( i never play adult instruments as you know) with my new red-indian jacket i'd just found in the lanes and am very proud of even tho my good friend jess who likes to give me good style advice says it makes me look like a sack of potatoes with a pin-head on top. Nice! Thanks! As you can see i've overdone the blusher on this occasion but never mind, at least it covers up my "sallow skin" as my mother always told me..
Hope you're all good, i think i am..

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