Saturday, 8 March 2008

Its 11pm on sat night..

.. and i just got in from Brighton. Have spent every day in the studio for weeks and now i keep forgetting what day it is, i haven't seen the news, i havent had a meal that isn't sandwiches for longer than i can think, and everyone back home has forgotten who i am. But I'm sure its going to be worth it because our album the first is very nearly finished! We've been doing loads of last-minute recording of our live players - a totally amazing new trumpet solo on the end of 'Nightbus' and 'Lorca' - his name is Pete Davison everybody and he is awesome, as is our Joe Giddey on cellos... Only two things to do tomorrow - vocal production on 'Nightbus' and revisiting a mix of 'Somebody Said' and then hey presto off to the mastering suite it is! Well just upstairs really because our trusty Edz who does alot of our sound is going to be doing it as he has the full gear in his control room.
So anyone who was wondering what happened to our EP that we were working on last year.. well its turned into this mini-album because we just couldn't decide what tracks to leave off but this way we can have just what we want on there so thats much better!
On the live side we've been ripping everything apart and have now Pete on trumpet for the next few gigs which is soo coool, and trying to refine everything a bit so it might sound a little different to you if you've been to the others.. but in a good way i hope!
Love to you all, i gotta go and do something else and check out the trains to Brighton tomorrow cos i've heard theres going to be a BIG STORM tomorrow so you know what that means - the whole of England will come to a stand-still..
PS o yes also i want to say sorry to all u myspacers who've left us such nice comments recently.. i'll get back to you all after this bizness is over and my eyes stop popping out of my head! Love u, Rxx

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