Monday, 19 May 2008

Je reviens et je ne regrette...

Ok peeps we're back! back in the wired up n wireless world of y'all, back from under the channel, oui mes enfants j'ai le desir de devenir une francaise doucement,lentement..But best of all i now have my new Macbook- which means i am free from my broken-down world to roam comme je veux, and that is all i need! altho now i have to teach myself not to wipe my whole hard-drive by mistake as i did the other day with my fumbling impatient fingers.. yes a steep curve of learning is being learned..So thank you for the lovely offers of help with elastic bands and 2nd hand washing machines, but i dont need that s*** no more cos i got a mac ok no credit crunch for me!!??:)AlrightAlright so another two tracks are being mastered at Masterpiece in Fulham London on Wednesday to add on to the 6 trax we already have,and there i think we are going to leave it..and then we are to prepare for a secret live show with our luscious new line-up which will start it all off again.. now Brighton has recovered from the Great Escape crazyness..
Its good to be back!

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Anonymous said...

Hi there people any thoughts about the message i left on my space regarding festival up here in norfolk be careful with that mac from mark at rocksellout and please let me have a copy of the finished album to review when ready im sure it will be all wunderbar