Saturday, 31 May 2008

The Secret

I've just been sorting out our myspace page a bit and put up our latest track which is called The Secret. Its actually a bit of a surprise that one as its a lyric i wrote a while back and wasnt considering it at all till i accidentally came upon it and immediately thought Yeees this is totally right for my introverted theme of adventure, childhood and fantasy we gotta do it! And so off it went to the great orchestral laundry for a good rinsing (ya get me?) and out it came glistening like new with warbling flutes like angels and horns and tubas like heaven and a big secret at the end with a trombone fanfare (thank you Ashley Slater you are amazing, as are you Charlotte Glasson) and some neat shiny, skippy n crashy drums form my old mate and ace drummer Tim Weller.
The lyric came straight after i first watched one of my now fave films 'Wings of Desire' directed by Wim Wenders and i just love the idea of this angel coming down to earth to observe but not experience, falling in love and wishing he was human and how the whole colour of the film changes to sepia at that moment..
Speak soon x

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Unknown said...

I've seen the final tracklist of your album and "The secret" is not in it. Why was that? (It was my favourite song) Maybe you keep it for your next album?