Friday, 14 March 2008

Salut! Had a good rehearsal just the three of us today with Paul trying out new guitar sounds and Mark playin 3 keyboards at once (dont ask me how) these being the rhodes + space echo, the moog (wikid analoguey sounds), and the old classic Korg M1 (which was the first keyboard i discovered how to write music on..) And me on Glocks! We're preparing for tomorrow's full band rehearsal with our new line-up which includes Pete davison and Charlie buchanan on trumpets, and Tessa Gilles and Maddy Rix on violins. we are trying to play EVERYTHING live this time and therein lies the challenge!
Then we has a meeting with a friend of ours who may make a short film of Wonderland, and then we had a meeting with the manager who gave us all smacked bums for being so slow finishing our album.. but art is art we cried, and cannot be rushed!
Bon nuit. x

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...and one was warmed by one's sense of humour.

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